the 62nd random act of beauty: free the art

the 61st random act of beauty: redefining reality


the 60th random act of beauty: still loved

(women were invited to part with items they still hold dear, in order to bring joy and hope to the lives of complete strangers experiencing financial hardship as a result of abuse.)

the 59th random act of beauty: Abuse: Survival Stories - self love & inner peace

the 58th random act of beauty: first class photos

(taken in Siem Reap, Cambodia at the New Hope of Children Association, which provides free education for children and adults in need)


500 random acts of beauty
(ongoing project)
fancēē fütwerk x zigga zagga

the aim of this project is to cause a ripple effect by adding a bit of random beauty to every day life. the unexpected concern you show for a stranger's well-being may change his or her perception of the world completely and for the rest of their lives. the work you see here is based on the principles of kindness, forgiveness, hope, peace and love---so not only are these acts random; we feel they are also necessary. if you are unable to travel to the poorest regions of the world to help heal the sick, help heal your neighbor's broken heart instead.

love thyself.
love others.
love fearlessly.

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